Why Egitim Ventures is the best?

In a nutshell, our unique training methodologies help employees/professionals to better themselves in understanding the more advanced features and functions of IT products such as Microsoft, Cisco, Redhat, Citrix, SAP, VMware, Netapp, Storage, Virtualization, Networking, Security to name a few.


With the experience, more than 5000 training sessions delivered across various IT / Non-IT platforms, EGITIM VENTURES Academy offers one of the most comprehensive IT training programs available.


All our training programs are highly "hands-on" wherein the trainer shows and explains how a specific function or feature works and how it can be applied in a real-time scenario in the day to day job.


All the learners for a period of six months – post training will have an access to 10/5 help desk on which either through a phone call or through an email they can get a response to technical queries within scope of the training.

We Provide Everything You Need To Leap!

Infrastructure Support

All our training facilities are purpose-built training centers designed to facilitate training in a relaxed environment conducive to learning.The training rooms are various sizes ranging from 10 seaters to 50 seaters and incorporate all the facilities to conduct multimedia presentations, computer-based learning, technical..

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Staffing Support

Hiring the right candidate can make the difference between success and failure of your mission critical projects. We have crafted & perfected a delivery model that sources, screens and employs only the highest quality candidate from a diverse pool of IT professionals in the best turn-around time. Whether you are..

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Project Support

We support by providing senior architects developers on a contractual basis to support our clients on custom projects. These resources work on our payroll but support our clients for a specified period interacting with their clients, training client internal resources, parallelly preparing them project ready. All these services are..

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